EMS Desktop Client Installation Instructions

NOTE: If you run into any issues with this list of instructions, please contact your LSP for assistance.


Download and Install the EMS Desktop Client

  1. Download the EMSApplication.exe and emswebdeployconfiguration.cfg files using the above link.
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop (you can call it whatever you like).
  3. Go to the “downloads” folder, CUT both downloaded files and paste them into the new folder on your desktop
  4. If either file has a parenthesis with a number in it, rename the file to remove the parenthesis and number so file names are what’s shown in step 1.
  5. Double click on the EMSApplication.exe file – EMS should start loading

***IF a black screen with another window asking for a file name pops up.***

Open the emswebdeployconfiguration.cfg  file in notepad, copy the link within, and paste in the window. EMS should start installing from there.